Tuesday, December 17, 2013

List Of Things To Do When You're Bored

List Of Things To Do When You're Bored

Pun Intended

Anyways, recently I've found myself and my brother very bored. So I had inspiration to come up with as many things as possible to do! I'll post some of them here!

1. Learn a new skill
This can assist in other times of your life and you aren't entirely wasting your time either

2. Play an instrument
This is good for your soul! Get other people involved if you like.

3. Fix something thats broken
Maybe you have that leaky faucet or a small hole in the wall. Fix it!

4. Play video games
Not a huge fan of video games myself but it passes time

5. Go out with friends
Go doing something fun! Maybe something like paintball!

6. Plan for the future
Planning for the future will give you a game plan for a sticky situation.

7. Start making money

8. Build something/start a project
This can cause you to make something useful or interesting.

9. Invent something
Try coming up with something new and cool

10. Go through old pictures/memories
Good time to reflect and think on your life. Maybe grow as a person during this process.

11. Take a walk
You'll burn fat and you can think during this time.

12. Join a sport
Good for your health and make friends in the process.

13. Clean your room/house/apartment
Cleaning is good for obvious reasons.

14. Get a part time job
Earn some money while occupying your extra boring time.

15. Read a book
Educational and if you like it not as boring as just sitting around.

16. Write a blog (ahem)
Writing blog articles can let you get your message to people and occupy what spare time you have as well.

17. Explore a new place
Lets you get to know a place better

18. Help someone
Helps someone else so you do something good while making a friend

19. If you have enough money go shopping
Shopping can be unhealthy if you aren't careful

20. Read this blog: howtotime.blogspot.com
Just come here and read this blog for more how to ideas and articles!

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