Friday, December 6, 2013

List Of Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar

A List Of Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar

I know this isn't a how to article, but it does give you something to do. I've noticed the lack of lists for songs to learn on the internet so i'm going to make one! A lot of these songs will either be ones I am able to play or learning to play. Some of them are very hard. If you want to find the tablature you can google the song and and put tab next to it and it should come up. Good Luck!

1. Classical Gas - Mason Williams

This songs will make you appreciate the skill of any guitarist who can get remotely close to playing it.

2. Malaguena

This song can be hard depending on the version you are playing. I like the tab written by a guy with the last name Lucarelli.

3. Greensleeves (Oh What Child Is This)

Very simple tune, would be a good intro to finger picking.

4. Acts Of Man - Midlake

This song will be a challenge not because its hard to play, but because there's no tablature for it. They do have pages that show you the notes though. You just have to figure out in what order to strum the strings.

5. Fur Elise - Beethoven

Very hard because it was written for piano.

6. He's a Pirate (Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme)

Lots of tabs out there for it. Simple to play, hard to learn.

These songs are great tests of skill. If you think you can handle them, then try it.

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