Monday, December 23, 2013

How To Make Beef Jerky

How To Make Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is an all time favorite, and a great way to preserve a meat. So how do we go about making jerky? There's only a few slight differences you can make to make it, but the slight differences can change the taste. Here we go:

First make sure you have beef, some marinade, a dehydrator an oven or firepit, and some time to keep an eye on it.

Second, cut the beef into thin slices. This makes it better for dehydration and easier to eat.

Third get your dehydrator, oven, or firepit started. Dehydrator is the easiest all you have to do is put it on there, an oven you have to keep cracked open and on a low temperature, a fire you hang it above the fire and keep the fire lit.

Fourth, put the marinade on the meat. Might be a mixture of garlic powder, Worcester sauce, and pepper. You could use something you created as well!

Fifth, keep it on your device using to dehydrate for many hours and wait until all the moisture has been dried out of it. Once you reach this point it should be just about done and ready for eating or storage. 

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