Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Make Glue

How To Make Glue

Ahh glue, we meet again. Doesn't it remind you of those annoying cut and paste sheets that the teacher always assigned to you in kindergarten? It sure does with me.

Anyways, on my most recent project (The Chinese Paper Armor Project) I have run into a slight issue. It's the cost of glue. This project uses a lot to harden the tiles so I decided I was going to learn to make my own for when I run out (very soon). That's exactly what I did.

You know how when you hold sugar sometimes it makes your hand sticky? That's because the sugar is mixing with the moisture on your hand. That's why it will be one of our ingredients on this small project. Do you also know how flour is used to thicken soups and other liquid foods? We are going to use that to make it like a paste!

First you are going to want to get a bowl with water in it. Then you add a lot of sugar until it wont mix in anymore (or until you feel like stopping). Just make sure you get a decent amount in there so it will be sticky. Now start adding some flour. This should make the liquid start turning a milky white. Try to make this a little runny but not watery. It should be paste like. Once this happens, cover it with plastic wrap and cool it.

After you are done cooling it for a few hours, it should be ready for use! Good luck on your next project!

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