Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Make Your Computer Secure

How To Make Your Computer Secure

Computer security can be a very important thing to have under your belt, especially if you work for a large company or handle important information. Today's threats of hackers and hacking is growing steadily with each passing day. More and more exploits are being found in our computers. Today, I will show you some ways to minimize the risk of a hacking attack.

First of all, make sure your firewalls are on for both on your computer, and on your network. What a firewall does, is it prevents things that aren't supposed to be in your network from getting into your network. They are a very important part of preventing attacks.

Also, be sure that your wireless network is not WEP encrypted. WEP encryption is very, very easy to break into. WPA encryption is a little harder to get into, so switch it out for that. What these are is basically passwords to prevent anyone from using your WI-FI. I wont go into detail on what exactly they are, because you might not understand it.

Be very careful downloading anything. Check the website and make sure that it is realistic or professional looking. Sometimes your computer will tell you these files may harm your computer, it's normally only right 1 out of 10 times. Just make a careful judgement of the website and the actual file you are downloading, and you've already won half of the battle.

Do not ever give out any personal details. These will only help the attacker locate you, and possibly make it easier for him to attack you. Personal details like geographic location, name, or anything else somewhat related to this are dangerous to give out in real life. Why would you tell someone you've never met on the internet.

Some physical defenses you can do is turn your webcam away, or cover it with a sticky note. Some really skilled hackers can access your webcam and you won't even realise it. You could also turn off internet access when you are not using it. That will prevent anyone from being able to get into your network unless they attack directly onto your internal network.

Some people may seem trustworthy, but it's not recommended that you trust them with too much. This can, and probably will eventually backfire on you.

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