Saturday, December 14, 2013

How To Join A Forum

How To Join A Forum

In this past day I had a wonderful experience of joining a DIY forum (I will post link below). During this process I learned a lot about what you should and shouldn't do in forums. I will post my experience and what not to do in a forum.

1. Do not ask general questions
People will think you are a troll if you do this. You need to be specific on what you are asking for. People will generally be nice to you, but if you are acting stupid (like I did) they are going to be rude.

2. Be respectful to everyone
I understand this may be hard to do, but always try to be respectful to everyone on a forum. If you don't no one will ever want to help you.

3. Try to make your posts as clear to read as possible
This will make it hard for people to answer your question, if you don't make it clear. <- that was an example of a harder to read sentence. Do not do that

4. Make as many friends and if possible local contacts as well
This will prove to be helpful in the future. Plus you will get some pretty cool people to talk to at the same time!

5. Read the individual forum rules
If you do not know the rules you will get banned in an instant.

Ill post a DIY forum I recommend. The people on there are nice, feel free to contact me I am zsezse4.

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