Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Keep Warm In Winter Without Air Conditioning

How To Keep Warm In Winter Without Air Conditioning

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Winter is a season most dread due to the cold and driving conditions. I personally like it because it means I can sleep at night. Anyways, some of you may not have air conditioning in your home, so you'll have to find other solutions. I'll make it easier to read and put it in a list formation just for you!

 Electric heating-
Electric heating is simple. You plug it into the wall and turn it on, then it heats up your house. These things work like magic, but they cost a lot of electricity. They also can cost a pretty penny depending upon which one you get.

Wood Stove-
A wood stove is basically a thing where you put wood chips in a grill type thing, light it on fire then it will keep the house warm. Speaking of fire, that brings me to my next choice.

Some of these are gas and some are actual fireplaces. I don't like the gas ones. I'm afraid it will explode. The real ones are a little harder to use though, because you have to clean them out after.

A simple and cheap option, but it leaves you immobile for a while. Plus, you might fall asleep under there. At least they keep you warm.

Coats/Heavy Pants-
These are a better option than blankets, because you can get up and actually do something. They are just more expensive, but not by much.

Wall Heaters-
I know some houses have these. I don't understand why you would put heaters in a wall, but ok.

On this very fine winter's morning/night, be sure to make time for your significant other. Don't want him/her freezing to death after all.

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