Friday, December 20, 2013

How To Make A Wooden Bowl

How To Make A Wooden Bowl

Making a wooden bowl depends on what kind of wood you have. Do you have a log, or do you have a chunk of wood from your local home repair store? There's a few different ways to go about this, so ill put the most common ones.

1. Wood Turning
If you are going to do wood turning you will need wood from the store. Basically, what this does is it you rotate the wood slowly and scrape off wood with a chisel. There's special kinds of chisels for this. With this way you can make a very nice bowl and it can be somewhat symmetrical. This takes a little strength to do, so make sure your chisels are strong as well. After you do this, you should get a salad bowl finish so you can eat out of it.

2. Burning
For burning you really don't need anything special. Just a log and a knife. Maybe some matches and kindling too. To start off you just set the log on it's side and carve a tiny hole so you can put kindling and twigs in to to burn. After that, you just keep the fire lit and let it burn the inside of the log out. You should be cooking your freshly caught fish or whatever you got while you do this. Remember to multitask. Keep that fire burning and carve out the sides with your knife every so often. Eventually you should have a bowl shape, and all you have to do (to keep it natural) is just soak it in olive oil for a while to give it a natural finish. It's really that simple just hard work. This method will usually get the inside pretty symmetrical.

3. Hammer and Chisel
It really doesn't matter which kind of wood you use in this process. This process will not get it 100% symmetrical but you can normally make it look alright. You just chisel out the shape of a bowl carefully, and sand it down afterwards. Then you should finish it with either olive oil or salad bowl finish. Its up to you.

Simple process, lots of work. It's a project that's definitely worth doing, and will prove to be productive for you.

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