Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How To Shop For Bargains

How To Shop For Bargains

Shopping for bargains is almost an essential skill with today's insanely bad prices. You might be asking yourself, "how do I go about shopping for bargains/extreme couponing"? It's a fairly simple process, but there's always a trick or two that can save you that extra 5 dollars when you shop.

You should start by collecting coupons for items you are interested in. Just do a google search for free coupon printouts, or go to a stores website and see if they have coupons on there. Now, if you are doing extreme couponing you are going to have to buy in bulk. By in bulk I mean probably fill your garage up with items.

After you get those coupons, always check the clearance isles for items you may want. On some rare occasions there might be an item in there on sale that you can also get extra percent off with a corresponding coupon. Don't go in with an attitude that you have to buy something (unless its groceries). If you do that you are going to lose more money than earn.

Sometimes around the store they might have other sales on items as well. Also, there are days such as "black friday" where the entire store gives you a percentage off of any purchase. Use these to your advantage. Normally on these days they don't have any clearance put up because they clear out so many items anyways. Isn't that the purpose of clearance?

One more thing. Some stores like krogers will have a card that can get you a percentage off of your purchases. They normally cost some money to buy, so decide if you actually purchase that much from that store. Don't forget to add in gas and ink for printing coupons. It's the small things you forget that makes you lose your money more than anything.

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