Friday, December 6, 2013

A Simple Instant Ramen Recipe

Ramen has been a popular and very cheap food for a very long time. It's pretty good with just the package in it as well! There are many things you can put in ramen, but they will cost a little bit. It is completely worth it when you get to enjoy a nice tasty meal with an all time favorite food.

I have been eating ramen for years now, and I have experimented with many recipes. Some of them failed miserably, and some of them were the best thing i've ever tasted. Here we go:

First put some water in a pot along with the ramen and cook it like normal.
You can add the packet but that's a lot of sodium. About 400 Grams to be exact.

Now add either tomato paste (just until the broth is red.) or some curry paste or powder

Next, some baby spinach and bean sprouts

Here you should add some protein, so maybe some egg. You can hard boil the egg or mix it into the broth. I prefer hard boiled. Your choice

Now we NEED meat in it, or it just wouldn't be complete! Unless you are vegetarian... if you are then ignore this part. So you are going to either want beef (do not use ground beef), or chicken. They should be thinly sliced.

Cook all of this inside the same pot. You want the flavor of everything to be in the broth. It must taste like the food being cooked inside it.

WARNING: The smell you will get from this is amazing and worthy of a god, and the taste is even better. Do not cry tears of joy into your soup.

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