Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kids Carpentry Projects

Kids Carpentry Projects

Who said carpentry was only for adults? Well, maybe the bigger stuff like building houses should be reserved for adults but children can get a head start on learning woodworking too! There's many projects that the could start on but if they were anything like me, they will probably want to jump right in and build a house. Please, for all that is good, do not let them do that.

1. The first project I would recommend is also what medieval carpentry apprentices did first. Their very first project was a wooden box. Yea, a wooden box. Doesn't sound like much but you have to start simple. Basically, you just teach your child the basics of measuring then have them nail a box together. Nothing much, but if for some reason you need help here's a link.

2. After you teach your child the absolute basic of carpentry, then you should probably have your child build a shelf. Its not that much harder, but don't underestimate the curiosity of a child. Basically you just get 2 long 2x4s and 4-6 shorter ones (that are the same length) and nail them together. If you want help with this one here's another link!
Wasn't exactly what I was talking about, but carpentry is all about coming up with new ideas.

3. Now that you got storage for tools out of the way, lets move on to a better project. This one is a little harder because it's not just a box shape. Try putting together with your child a birdhouse. Sounds very cliche, but it's actually a decent project to test your wits. This one you have to drill a hole, put enough room for a birds nest and birds, put a perch on, and you should put some design on it. So you are going to need a link indefinitely.

4. So far this has been a great introduction to carpentry, but lets build something useful you could use in your home now! Don't worry its not TOO hard, but it will take a little skill. Why don't you try some furniture. I would recommend a chair. You aren't going to want to use cheap plywood for this. If you do you will get splinters. You have been warned. You might was a power sander for this as well. Here's some project designs for you!
I thought this one was pretty clever.

Well, I hope my version of carpentry 101 will get you through your first few projects and earn you some experience. It's really not too hard to do basic projects, but don't just go and try to build a house right after this unless working along a professional. Be sure you know what you are doing safety wise as well. If you hurt yourself doing these projects I will not be held responsible.

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