Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Make Chinese Bark Cloth Paper Lamellar Armor

How To Make Chinese Bark Cloth Paper Lamellar Armor

As of a few days ago I have began researching a new project. I had once heard that the Chinese during the feudal period used bark cloth (type of paper) armor. They said soldiers came out of battle with multiple arrows sticking out of them. I thought the idea sounded cheap, easy to make, and pretty darn awesome. So I will be posting my results as I complete more. There may be other misc articles in between as I cannot work on this project nonstop (although I wish I could.) Here's my results so far-

So I made the first tile for testing and I used a special sap mixture for glue (to keep it somewhat realistic)

It ended up becoming very solid and hard. It could still bend, but I also see how it could stop an arrow how strong it was. I could have probably thrown it at you and it would hurt.

The next day I began testing this single scale to see how well it actually worked. It actually stopped a 20 pound COMPOUND bow from about 5 feet away, and a cleave from a freshly sharpened machete while laying on a board. This is what it looked like.

That tile alone could probably stop another 2 arrows or another cleave. When I actually make the armor it is either going to be doubled or quadrupled in thickness so imagine the strength. It will also be painted red possibly with a waterproof sealing paint. You don't have to paint it though as it gets stronger when wet.

As I make more progress I will keep you posted.

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